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    Predicting the difficulty of operative vaginal delivery by ultrasound measurement of fetal head station

    Sidi Kasbaoui, François Séverac, Germain Aïssi, Adrien Gaudineau, Lise Lecointre, Chérif Akladios, Romain Favre, Bruno Langer, Nicolas Sananès
    Vol. 216, Issue 5, p507.e1–507.e9
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    Reduction of total labor length through the addition of parenteral dextrose solution in induction of labor in nulliparous: results of DEXTRONS prospective randomized controlled trial

    Josianne Paré, Jean-Charles Pasquier, Antoine Lewin, William Fraser, Yves-André Bureau
    Vol. 216, Issue 5, p508.e1–508.e7
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    Effect of early-onset preeclampsia on cardiovascular risk in the fifth decade of life

    Anouk Bokslag, Pim W. Teunissen, Constantijn Franssen, Floortje van Kesteren, Otto Kamp, Wessel Ganzevoort, Walter J. Paulus, Christianne J.M. de Groot
    Vol. 216, Issue 5, p523.e1–523.e7



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    Infant outcomes among women with Zika virus infection during pregnancy: results of a large prenatal Zika screening program

    Emily H. Adhikari, David B. Nelson, Kathryn A. Johnson, Sara Jacobs, Vanessa L. Rogers, Scott W. Roberts, Taylor Sexton, Donald D. McIntire, Brian M. Casey
    Vol. 216, Issue 3, p292.e1–292.e8
  • Online ExtraEditor's ChoiceFast Track Articles
    Enoxaparin for the prevention of preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction in women with a history: a randomized trial

    Katie M. Groom, Lesley M. McCowan, Laura K. Mackay, Arier C. Lee, Joanne M. Said, Stefan C. Kane, Susan P. Walker, Thijs E. van Mens, Natalie J. Hannan, Stephen Tong, Larry W. Chamley, Peter R. Stone, Claire McLintock the Enoxaparin for Prevention of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction Trial Investigator Group
    Vol. 216, Issue 3, p296.e1–296.e14
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    Reduction of severe maternal morbidity from hemorrhage using a state perinatal quality collaborative

    Elliott K. Main, Valerie Cape, Anisha Abreo, Julie Vasher, Amanda Woods, Andrew Carpenter, Jeffrey B. Gould
    Vol. 216, Issue 3, p298.e1–298.e11
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    First trimester alcohol exposure alters placental perfusion and fetal oxygen availability affecting fetal growth and development in a non-human primate model

    Jamie O. Lo, Matthias C. Schabel, Victoria H.J. Roberts, Xiaojie Wang, Katherine S. Lewandowski, Kathleen A. Grant, Antonio E. Frias, Christopher D. Kroenke
    Vol. 216, Issue 3, p302.e1–302.e8
  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    Fertility treatments and pediatric neoplasms of the offspring: results of a population-based cohort with a median follow-up of 10 years

    Tamar Wainstock, Asnat Walfisch, Ilana Shoham-Vardi, Idit Segal, Avi Harlev, Ruslan Sergienko, Daniella Landau, Eyal Sheiner
    Vol. 216, Issue 3, p314.e1–314.e14