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May 2016

  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    US term stillbirth rates and the 39-week rule: a cause for concern?

    James M. Nicholson, Lisa C. Kellar, Shahla Ahmad, Ayesha Abid, Jason Woloski, Nadine Hewamudalige, George F. Henning, Julianne R. Lauring, Serdar H. Ural, Jerome L. Yaklic
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p621.e1–621.e9
  • Online ExtraFast Track ArticlesSupplemental Material
    Males are from Mars, and females are from Venus: sex-specific fetal brain gene expression signatures in a mouse model of maternal diet-induced obesity

    Andrea G. Edlow, Faycal Guedj, Jeroen L.A. Pennings, Deanna Sverdlov, Caterina Neri, Diana W. Bianchi
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p623.e1–623.e10
  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    The placental membrane microbiome is altered among subjects with spontaneous preterm birth with and without chorioamnionitis

    Amanda L. Prince, Jun Ma, Paranthaman S. Kannan, Manuel Alvarez, Tate Gisslen, R. Alan Harris, Emma L. Sweeney, Christine L. Knox, Donna S. Lambers, Alan H. Jobe, Claire A. Chougnet, Suhas G. Kallapur, Kjersti M. Aagaard
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p627.e1–627.e16
  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    Evaluation of proteomic biomarkers associated with circulating microparticles as an effective means to stratify the risk of spontaneous preterm birth

    David E. Cantonwine, Zhen Zhang, Kevin Rosenblatt, Kevin S. Goudy, Robert C. Doss, Alan M. Ezrin, Gail Page, Brian Brohman, Thomas F. McElrath
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p631.e1–631.e11
  • Online ExtraEditor's ChoiceFast Track Articles
    Development and validation of a spontaneous preterm delivery predictor in asymptomatic women

    George R. Saade, Kim A. Boggess, Scott A. Sullivan, Glenn R. Markenson, Jay D. Iams, Dean V. Coonrod, Leonardo M. Pereira, M. Sean Esplin, Larry M. Cousins, Garrett K. Lam, Matthew K. Hoffman, Robert D. Severinsen, Trina Pugmire, Jeff S. Flick, Angela C. Fox, Amir J. Lueth, Sharon R. Rust, Emanuele Mazzola, ChienTing Hsu, Max T. Dufford, Chad L. Bradford, Ilia E. Ichetovkin, Tracey C. Fleischer, Ashoka D. Polpitiya, Gregory C. Critchfield, Paul E. Kearney, J. Jay Boniface, Durlin E. Hickok
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p633.e1–633.e24
    Open Access
  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    Alterations in expression of imprinted genes from the H19/IGF2 loci in a multigenerational model of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)

    Pablo Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jessica Cantu, Derek O’Neil, Maxim D. Seferovic, Danielle M. Goodspeed, Melissa A. Suter, Kjersti M. Aagaard
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p625.e1–625.e11
  • Online ExtraFast Track Articles
    A comparison of prevaginal and postvaginal manipulation fetal fibronectin

    Amy L. Turitz, Christina M. Ackerman, Denise L. Johnson, Tracy C. Bank, Jimmy K. Duong, Shing M. Lee, Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman
    Vol. 214, Issue 5, p646.e1–646.e6

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