Selected papers from the 41st annual meeting (The Pregnancy Meeting) of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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    Does simulation improve clinical performance in management of postpartum hemorrhage?

    Shena J. Dillon, Whitney Kleinmann, Yevgenia Fomina, Bethany Werner, Steven Schultz, Shannon Klucsarits, Wilmer Moreno, Alexandra Butsko, Donald D. McIntire, David B. Nelson
    Vol. 225, Issue 4, p435.e1–435.e8
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    The impact of physical activity during pregnancy on labor and delivery

    Virginia Y. Watkins, Carly M. O’Donnell, Marta Perez, Peinan Zhao, Sarah England, Ebony B. Carter, Jeannie C. Kelly, Antonina Frolova, Nandini Raghuraman
    Vol. 225, Issue 4, p437.e1–437.e8
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    Amniotic fluid microRNA profiles in twin-twin transfusion syndrome with and without severe recipient cardiomyopathy

    Emily C. Willner, Henry L. Galan, Bettina F. Cuneo, Hilary A. Hoffman, Bonnie Neltner, Eleanor L. Schuchardt, Anis Karimpour-Fard, Shelley D. Miyamoto, Carmen C. Sucharov
    Vol. 225, Issue 4, p439.e1–439.e10
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    Placenta Accreta Spectrum Treatment With Intraoperative Multivessel Embolization: the PASTIME protocol

    Dora J. Melber, Zachary T. Berman, Marni B. Jacobs, Andrew C. Picel, Charlotte L. Conturie, Kathy Zhang-Rutledge, Pratibha S. Binder, Ramez N. Eskander, Anne C. Roberts, Michael T. McHale, Gladys A. Ramos, Jerasimos Ballas, Thomas F. Kelly
    Vol. 225, Issue 4, p442.e1–442.e10
    Open Access
  • Online ExtraSupplemental Material
    Prophylactic manual rotation of occiput posterior and transverse positions to decrease operative delivery: the PROPOP randomized clinical trial

    Julie Blanc, Pierre Castel, Franck Mauviel, Karine Baumstarck, Florence Bretelle, Claude D’Ercole, Jean-Baptiste Haumonte
    Vol. 225, Issue 4, p444.e1–444.e8