Other ways of saying cesarean section

      To the Editors:

      Cesarean section has a long and interesting history. There are several explanations as to the origin of the operation.
      I am interested in how the name of the operation is spelled in languages other than English. Following are 16 examples: Czech, cisarsky rez; Dutch, keizersnede; Finnish, keisarileikkaus; French, cesarienne; German, Kaiserschnitt; Greek, kesariki tomi; Hebrew, metuah keseri; Hungarian, csaszar metszes; Icelandic, keisaraskurdur; Italian, taglio cesareo; Norwegian, keisersnitt; Polish, ciecie cesarskie; Portuguese, sessao cesaria; Russian, kessarevo sechenie; Serbian, carski rez; and Spanish, cesarea. Danish and Swedish are very similar to Norwegian. I thought the readers would be interested in this.


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