53: Labia minora hypertrophy in monozygotic twins: embryology, definition, and surgical management


      In this video, we present a case of labia minora hypertrophy in monozygotic twins, along with review of the embryology, definition, etiologies, and surgical management of this disease condition.


      Labia minora hypertrophy is a clinical finding without a clear etiology or definition. Contributing factors including inflammatory response, hormonal influence, and associated diseases are also discussed. Intra-operative and post-operative photographs depict surgical technique and post-surgical outcomes.


      This case demonstrates that through careful patient selection, symptomatic relief of labial pain and irritation affiliated with labia minora hypertrophy can be successfully achieved via surgical management. Additionally, this is the first case of labia minora hypertrophy in twins that has been documented in the literature to date.