Video Café| Volume 220, ISSUE 3, SUPPLEMENT , S778, March 2019

36: Vaginal self-retaining retractor for pelvic surgery


      To demonstrate set up and utilization of a vaginal self-retaining retractor for pelvic surgery.


      This instructional video demonstrates set up and utilization of the vaginal self-retaining retractor for pelvic surgery. This includes review of all the component parts, step-by-step assembly, and utilization in different surgical scenarios. This retractor can be easily used with an improved understanding of function and set up, this video aims to aid with both. Utilization of a vaginal retractor facilitates surgical exposure of the pelvis. It also allows the surgeon to operate without reliance on variable surgical assistances. Finally, it promotes surgeon ergonomics.


      The vaginal self-retaining retractor can provide improved exposure and visualization. These improvements can facilitate vaginal surgical approach to improve patient recovery, especially when assistant skill is variable. This is a useful and simple to use tool to facilitate pelvic surgery.