Poster session II Diabetes, labor, medical-surgical-disease, obstetric quality & safety, prematurity, ultrasound-imaging: Abstracts 237 – 386| Volume 206, ISSUE 1, SUPPLEMENT , S158, January 01, 2012

337: Diagnosis of fetal growth restriction using customized growth standards in twin gestations


      To determine rate of small for gestational age (SGA) infants in twin gestations using customized (SGAcust) versus population (SGApop) growth curves.

      Study Design

      Historical cohort of women with twin gestation delivered at our institution from July 2010 till July 2011. Congenital and chromosomal anomalies as well as monoamniotic twins were excluded from the study. Fetal growth centiles were determined for each pregnancy using a population norm (Alexander) and a customized model (Gardosi). Rates of SGA (birthweight <10%ile) were compared between the study groups.


      A total of 82 women (75 dichorionic and 7 monochorionic twin gestations) met inclusion criteria. They were 25 cases of SGA in both twins not identified by population standards. Population standards only identified 13 cases of SGA in both twins. 68% of normal for gestational age twins were identified by customized growth curves.


      In our population, customized growth potential allowed us to identified 25% more SGA infants in women with twin gestations. Customized growth standards for twins will identify SGA infants not diagnosed by the usual population curves.
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