From the president of the SMFM

      Dear SMFM Members:
      As this year has rapidly passed, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine has continued to mature. What began over twenty-five years ago as a guild of physicians interested in sharing obstetric research has evolved into a dynamic, multifaceted entity widely respected and recognized as the world leader in all aspects of care and understanding of the mother and fetus. In response to our membership, the Officers and Board of Directors of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine have embarked upon efforts to enhance the recognition and viability of our subspecialty while maintaining high quality research activities. We have achieved prominence in various publications with the labeling of our Society and its moniker on several recent opinions and clinical reviews. This has led to further appreciation of our expertise and contributions to the field of obstetrics. A recent example of this is that the President of the SMFM sits as a voting member of the ACOG Executive Board. This is a significant change and reflects the advances in recognition of the importance of the SMFM by our peers.
      This past year has also seen the continued and tangible roll-out of our nuchal translucency (NT) certification. While challenged by misinformation, politics, and turf battles, this effort has succeeded from the marshalling of the human capital, intellect and financial resources of the SMFM as well as the support of all its members. This has been the most difficult undertaking in the history of our Society, but one which was felt to be critically important in the maintenance of patient safety and quality assurance. Largely through the efforts of our Executive Vice President, Dr. Richard Depp, along with the literally thousand of hours donated by the members of the Nuchal Translucency Oversight Committee (NTOC), this effort has resulted in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Foundation ( You should all be familiar with this website and have availed yourself of this resource in order to have obtained your NT certification. This program remains both an opportunity and challenge for our Society and needs your continued support in order for this effort to be successful. Well over 1200 individuals have gone through this process, and I want to thank each of them. We should all be proud of this remarkable accomplishment.
      This has been a difficult year for your Board as there have been significant and diverse challenges which go well beyond the original intent of the Society to meet and discuss research. But this Society is much better as a result because it is clear how important the SMFM truly is to each of its members. This is a living entity which continues to respond to the needs of its members which is an appropriate expectation of the SMFM. Yet it can only stay healthy and of value with the infusion of dedicated ideas, financial support and trusted stewardship from each and every one of us. We must continue this momentum in our mission to further understand and safeguard the complex issues of the mother and fetus. This is a great time to be Maternal-Fetal Medicine subspecialist.
      It has been a distinct honor and privilege to work with you all.
      Michael P. Nageotte, MD