26th Annual Clinical, Scientific, & Business Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine January 30-February 4, 2006


        Michael P. Nageotte, MD
        Vice President/President Elect:
        Roger B. Newman, MD
        Katharine D. Wenstrom, MD
        Assistant Secretary-Treasurer:
        Sarah J. Kilpatrick, MD, PhD

        Board of Directors

        Nancy C. Chescheir, MD‘06
        Robin Field, MD‘06
        T. Murphy Goodwin, MD‘06
        Alan Peaceman, MD‘06
        Ray Bahado-Singh, MD‘07
        Aronld W. Cohen, MD‘07
        Maureen P. Malee, MD‘07
        Brian M. Mercer, MD ‘07
        Michael A. Belfort, MD ‘08
        Joshua A. Copel, MD ‘08
        Gary A. Dildy, MD ‘08
        Alessandro Ghidini, MD‘08
        Daniel F. O'Keeffe, MD – Ex Officio
        Catherine Y. Spong, MD – Ex Officio
        Robert J. Sokol, MD – Ex Officio
        Jeffrey Ridgeway, MD – Associate Member Representative

        Executive Vice President

        Richard Depp, MD

        Past Presidents

        William N. Spellacy, MD ‘77
        Roy M. Pitkin, MD‘78
        James A. O'Leary, MD‘79
        Donald M. Sherline, MD‘80
        Loren P. Petersen, MD‘81
        Bruce A. Work, MD‘82
        Robert H. Hayashi, MD‘83
        Roy N. Petrie, MD‘84
        John C. Morrison, MD‘85
        Amelia C. Cruz, MD‘86
        Steven G. Gabbe, MD‘87
        Robert J. Sokol, MD‘88
        Richard H. Paul, MD‘89
        Frank C. Miller, MD‘90
        Thomas J. Garite, MD‘91
        Garland D. Anderson, MD‘92
        Larry C. Gilstrap, III, MD‘93
        Valerie M. Parisi, MD‘94
        Gary D.V. Hankins, MD‘95
        Donald R. Coustan, MD‘96
        Steven L. Clark, MD‘97
        Mary E. D'Alton, MD‘98
        J. Peter VanDorsten, MD‘99
        Michael L. Socol, MD‘00
        James N. Martin, Jr., MD‘01
        Haywood L. Brown, MD‘02
        Jay D. Iams, MD‘03
        James E. Ferguson, MD‘04