Table of Contents

        Organization IV
        Letter from the SMFM President V
        Letter from the Program Chair VI
        Program Committee/List of Reviewers VIII
        Special Awards X
        MFM Certification Anniversary Celebrants XII
        SMFM and SMFM/AAOGF Scholars XIII
        Acknowledgments XIV
        Map of Meeting Areas – Fontainebleau XX
        Program XXII
        Scientific Forums/Special Focus Groups XXX
        Masters' Series Luncheon Roundtables XXXVII
        Criteria for Judging Oral and Poster Awards XXXVIII
        Schedule of Oral Presentations XXXIX
        Oral Session I (Plenary). Abstract #s 1-8 S1
        Concurrent Oral Sessions S4
        • Session 1. Abstract #s 9-17 S5
        • (Prematurity/Physiology/Endocrinology)
        • Session 2. Abstract #s 18-26 S8
        • (Physiology/Endocrinology/Hypertension/Labor)
        • Session 3. Abstract #s 27-35 S12
        • (Hypertension/Medical-Surgical Complications/Academic Issues)
        Oral Session II (Fellows Plenary). Abstract #s 36-43 S16
        Concurrent Oral Sessions S19
        • Session 4. Abstract #s 44-52 S20
        • (Operative Obstetrics/Labor/Clinical Obstetrics)
        • Session 5. Abstract #s 53-61 S23
        • (Fetus/Epidemiology/Physiology/Endocrinology/Genetics)
        • Session 6. Abstract #s 62-70 S27
        • (Neonatology/Ultrasound-Imaging/Fetus/Genetics)
        Concurrent Oral Sessions S31
        • Session 7. Abstract #s 71-78 S32
        • (Infectious Disease/Prematurity/Clinical Obstetrics/Intrapartum Fetal Assessment)
        • Session 8. Abstract #s 79-86 S34
        • (Intrapartum Fetal Assessment/Antepartum Fetal Assessment/Epidemiology/Diabetes)
        Poster Session I. Abstract #s 87-204 S37
        Poster Session II. Abstract #s 205-318 S68
        (Hypertension/Medical-Surgical Complications/Diabetes/Academic Issues/Computers)
        Poster Session III. Abstract #s 319-446 S98
        (Antepartum Fetal Assessment/Intrapartum Fetal Assessment/Clinical Obstetrics/Operative Obstetrics)
        Poster Session IV. Abstract #s 447-573 S131
        Poster Session V. Abstract #s 574-692 S164
        (Doppler/Physiology/Endocrinology/Epidemiology/Infectious Disease)
        Keyword Index S195
        Author Index S198
        Institutional Index S210