Masters' Series Luncheon Roundtables

        THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Noon to 1:00 pm Room
        Neonatal Encephalopathy and the Obstetrician   Crystal 1
        Gary Hankins, MD
        Management of Rh Disease    Crystal 2
        Ken Moise, MD
        Controversies in the First Trimester Prenatal Screening   Crystal 3
        Jiri Sonek, MD
        The Clinical Role of Cervical Sonography    Crystal 4
        Nicole Yost, MD
        Repeat, or “Rescue”, Antenatal Corticosteroids   Crystal 5
        Yoram Sorokin, MD
        FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Noon to 1:00 pm  Room
        Elective Cesarean Delivery: The Role of Evidence and Ethics  Crystal 1
        Frank Chervenak, MD
        Labor Induction Controversies: Elective, Outpatient, and Women with Prior Cesarean Birth  Crystal 2
        Deborah Wing, MD
        Evidence Based Use of the Cervical Cerclage    Crystal 3
        Peter VanDorsten, MD
        Management of Thrombophilic Diseases in Pregnancy  Crystal 4
        Robert Silver, MD
        The Evidence Linking Maternal Nutrition and Prematurity   Crystal 5
        Barbara Luke, ScD