Transactions of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine| Volume 191, ISSUE 3, P863, September 01, 2004

SMFM will be first to use AJOG rapid review

      The September and October issues of the American Journal include 64 manuscripts that describe research presented at the 2004 meeting of the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine. From 1065 abstracts submitted to the SMFM in September 2003, 697 were selected for presentation in a 2-step review process in which each was reviewed by 3 reviewers. The 200 abstracts with the highest scores were then reviewed by a panel of senior reviewers to select 68 papers for oral presentation. After the meeting, 125 papers were submitted electronically into a joint SMFM/AJOG review process. The SMFM Editors, Drs Ken Moise, Roger Newman, Sarah Kilpatrick, George Saade, Maureen Malee, and Tom Moore selected 80 papers for submission to Jay Iams, the AJOG Associate Editor for SMFM. Drs Iams and Moise then selected 64 papers to be revised for publication in the SMFM pages of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
      The September issue of AJOG contains a report on the outcomes at 2 years of age for infants born to women enrolled in the Term Breech Trial (see Hannah et al, pages 864-71), and several papers reflecting renewed research interest in factors affecting the course and outcome of labor, including maternal weight and glucose tolerance, and others on medical complications of pregnancy. The October issue will feature articles from SMFM on issues related to prematurity, preeclampsia, fetal growth, and other topics.
      There will be a new rapid review and publication pathway for abstracts submitted for the 2005 meeting of SMFM that are selected by the SMFM for oral presentation. The traditional August submission deadline to SMFM will be maintained, and authors will be notified as usual by the SMFM of their selection as oral presentations. Papers from these abstracts submitted to AJOG before December 1, 2004 will be considered for rapid review as regular AJOG manuscripts so that, if accepted, they may be published as early as the April 2005 issue of AJOG, just 2 to 3 months after the SMFM meeting. Papers submitted through other Societies that employ the electronic Editorial Manager system used by AJOG and SMFM may also be eligible for similarly expedited reviews.