Masters' series luncheon roundtables

        Math Eq  Noon to 1:00 pm
        Periodontal Disease and Adverse Pregnancy  Room: Magnolia
        Outcomes: Myth or Truth?
        Kim Boggess, MD
        The Latest News in Diabetes Care  Room: Elmwood
        E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD
        Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation:  Room: Jasperwood
        Current Understanding and Future Applications
        Jordan Perlow, MD
        Bioterrorism: What an MFM Needs to Know  Room: Melrose
        Stanley A. Gall, MD
        New Thoughts on Cerebral Palsy  Room: Oak Alley
        Gary D. V. Hankins, MD
        Math Eq  Noon to 1:00 pm
        Cystic Fibrosis Update  Room: Magnolia
        Katharine D. Wenstrom, MD
        17 Alpha-hydroxyprogesterone Caproate and  Room: Elmwood
        Preterm Labor
        Paul Meis, MD
        3-D and 4-D Ultrasound for the Differential Diagnosis  Room: Jasperwood
        of Difficult Congenital Anomalies
        Roberto Romero, MD
        Complications from the Thrombophilias: When  Room: Melrose
        Should We Be Intervening?
        Vern Katz, MD
        Is Vaginal Delivery Becoming Extinct?  Room: Oak Alley
        Carolyn Zelop, MD