Oral; Poster Session Judges/Criteria for Judging

        Laxmi Baxi, MD
        Kim Boggess, MD
        Cynthia Brumfield, MD
        Josh Copel, MD
        Sue Cox, MD
        Maurice Druzin, MD
        Tom Easterling, MD
        Linda Heffner, MD
        Mark Landon, MD
        David Lewis, MD
        Michael Lindsay, MD
        Maureen Malee, MD
        Brian Mercer, MD
        Tom Moore, MD
        Clark Nugent, MD
        Michael Paidas, MD
        Valerie Parisi, MD
        Kathy Porter, MD
        Al Robichaux, MD
        Cathy Spong, MD
        Cosmas Van de Ven, MD
        George Wendel, MD
        Deborah Wing, MD
        Jerome Yankowitz, MD
        William Andrews, MD
        Brian Brost
        Suneet Chauhan, MD
        Bonnie Dattel, MD
        Gary Dildy, MD
        Henry Galan, MD
        Andrew Hull, MD
        Donna Johnson, MD
        Michael Katz, MD
        George Macones, MD
        Kate Menard, MD
        Ken Moise, MD
        Eva Pressman, MD
        Lynn Simpson, MD
        Ronald Wapner, MD
        Math Eq
        Scientific or clinical importance
        Math Eq
        Clinical Study: Prospective, randomizedAppropriate controlsSingle vs multicenter trial
        Case Series: Number of casesAppropriate controlsAccuracy of dataBias addressed
        Laboratory Study: Appropriate methodsAppropriate controlsInnovative
        Math Eq
        Statistical analysis appropriate
        Presented clearly
        Math Eq
        Supported by Results
        Scientific or clinical relevance
        Math Eq
        Overall Quality: Rationale for study made clear
        Methods and results easily understandable
        Conclusions supported by data
        Enthusiasm for study conveyed
        Slides/Poster easily readable